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By Michael Hayes → Sunday, 8 November 2015

Big Data, Cloud Database and Computing

By Michael Hayes → Friday, 9 October 2015
The gradual rise of cloud computing and data storage in clouds have been a major factor in rising of Big Data. Cloud stores big data, hence facilitates its emergence.

Cloud computing is very powerful technology which can be used to perform massive scale and very complex computing.

Cloud computing eliminates the expenses to maintain the costly hardware to store that amount of data.

Cloud computing and big data together, not only given giant companies new and unique way to maximise their profit but also given data scientists and researchers a new unique way to work on complex phenomenon.

Just few years ago, big data and cloud was dream. It was just a theory. But time, need and researcher’s hard work made it a reality. It brought a revolution in the field of data.

Big data- “all about the cloud”

In today’s world the size of data is becoming giant. So today’s definition is, if there is big data, then there must be a cloud supporting it.

Cloud computing democratises big data- it gives freedom and now any enterprise can work with unstructured data that too at very huge scale.

So, big data and cloud computing exist together.

Various firms and giant companies are peculiarly using this technology to maximise their overall profit by making their business decisions wisely by studying big data. Big firms hire quality analysts who analyse company’s big data. Analysis includes, analysis of various transaction trends by customers, demand of various products etc. Analysts study data of companies thoroughly and provide their conclusions, which help the policy maker’s of company to take wiser decisions to maximise their profit.

Survey and records shows that the difference between growth rate of profit between the firm which use big data analysis and the one which don’t is approximately 9%. And if we consider big giant firms, which play in hundreds and thousandths of crore, then 9% of it, you can do the mathematics now.

Big data cloud-“new solution, new headache”

When we limit our study to theory, then big data cloud is very efficient. It means it’s pretty cost effective, quiet scalable and also pretty fast to build. Unfortunately, that’s not all. There are some issues related to it when we move one step ahead towards practicality.

Database administrators never had an easy ride. The NoSQL databases that have appeared in the last few development oriented years, with their key-value pairs, document stores and also missing schemas, don’t really look like the relational databases which they are slowly replacing. Not only this, also the flooding data are really difficult to capture and storage. Its also difficult to process and report on data hubs.

But, as we all know, every technology has its own pros and cons.

Cloud’s pros are very promising and if we talk about cons, brisk work is going on to get over its cons. Data scientists are working pretty hard to make way towards perfect practical cloud.

Future-“in hands of big data cloud”

Seeing the growth and development in the field of big data and cloud, researchers predict that, in the coming future we will have a virtual data dominant world.

About the Author:  Vaishnavi Agrawal loves pursuing excellence through writing and have a passion for technology. She has successfully managed and run personal technology magazines and websites. She currently writes for

Importance of Business and IT Courses for Career Building

By Michael Hayes → Saturday, 3 October 2015
You can strengthen your qualifications in the field of business or information technology through further education. Information technology is an indispensable aspect of life that enables individuals and businesses to carry out vital tasks on a daily basis. It constitutes various aspects of technology that make it possible to share information quickly and effectively.

Enhance Career Prospects

An IT course is ideal for you if you have strong communication and analytical skills, willingness to learn and the ability to find solutions for various challenges. There are numerous career prospects to look forward to when you pursue an IT course.

From specializing in the technical aspects of hardware to developing video games, there is virtually no limit to the areas where you can apply your IT skills. Numerous professionals continue to thrive within the IT sector and the industry has enabled large numbers of people to find employment.

Choose an Institute

In order for you to be able to maximize on the opportunities that IT training provides you need to find an institute that will provide you with the education that you need. Institutes that are affiliated to established institutions are preferred and accreditation is used to gauge the quality of the institute and courses that it offers. Read more on IT courses here.

MBA and Business

A MBA can be useful towards helping you become a better professional in the area of business. This kind of post graduate qualification can help you improve your ability to understand a wide range of business issues and become more strategic as a business leader.

Also check out : Udemy coupons for Business IT Courses

MBA degrees enable people to improve their business skills as well as soft skills such as leadership and problem solving. MBA degrees play a significant role in career building by creating new opportunities and giving you access to more challenging roles.

Career Advancement

• When you earn your MBA, prospective employers are assured that you have the ability to handle a challenging work environment. MBA helps you advance and move forward in your business career. The popularity of MBA degrees among students who want to continue their education is attributed to the prospect of a better career.

• More people have realized that earning MBAs is worth the time and effort because career opportunities increase along with higher earnings and improved networking for career advancement. With more education you have more opportunities to choose from. Many employers are opting to hire people who have a MBA degree as opposed to those who have undergraduate degrees.

• A MBA gives you the chance to negotiate for a better salary because of the skills you have. While pursuing a MBA, you also get the chance to interact with other professionals and network with resourceful people in the world of business.

MBA graduates find it easier to make contact with other business professionals and find more opportunities. Go here for tips on studying part time MBA. Getting your MBA is an important decision that you should make after assessing your career and objectives. MBA is one of the options you have for ongoing education that will help you secure current and future professional success.

Bio: Sujain Thomas is a director at a local business development center. Career building requires the ongoing process of learning new skills and developing those that you already have.

Salesforce: An Invincible Tool of Cloud Computing

By Michael Hayes → Wednesday, 23 September 2015
According to a study of Bloomberg Businessweek, Salesforce ranked No. 2 by beating competitors like Microsoft, SAP, and ORACLE in the software industry. The stock of Salesforce has jumped up to 170 percent since the past three years. The CEO of the organization has declared the expansion of cloud computing portfolio in the fields of online marketing, customer service and sales software.

Why competitors are finding difficulty in cloud integration?

Salesforce has defined a clear market of cloud computing and executed it properly. It has maintained its focus on defining the space within the particular market. Here, you do not require configuring your hardware and software, you can just use the preconfigured services over the internet. Salesforce has made its place in the fields of customer support, Salesforce automation and even marketing. The product lines are growing in an aggressive nature and are continuously beating the competitors. It has already spread in almost eight countries of the world and still growing extensively.

How Salesforce can play important role in future growth?

Salesforce has relationships with all SAP customers, irrespective of their sizes. The portfolio is comprised of different types of customers, some of them are big and some of them are small. Enterprise software companies can face trouble in analyzing their data without Salesforce platform. Previously, Salesforce used to deal with smaller companies, but now bigger companies are being maintained through this particular platform.

What are the opportunities of Salesforce in marketing software?

Some customers spend a huge amount on marketing, even twenty times more than what they are spending on Information Technology. Therefore, a lot of expenditure is orbiting technology through marketing. The strong product line in marketing can mostly be created through acquisition. This strategy can definitely help when you are promoting your marketing software into the next stage.

Successful Acquisitions:

Salesforce is acquiring marketing companies for boosting up their promotion process. It has acquired a company that places ads on Facebook. Buying Buddy Media has helped in managing the expenditure of Facebook ads.

Customer’s Requirements:

The Salesforce customers require marketing capabilities, sales and service support in an extensive manner. It has independent software vendors, who can build technology that can be visible in AppExchange. Huge numbers of cloud based apps are deeply integrated into the service so that the customers can aggressively use them.

As the digital world is becoming complex as well as large, cloud computing is playing a great role in processing large data using a group of commodity computers. According to S.Ghemawat and J. Dean, Google presently processes a raw web data of 20 terabytes. Cloud computing services also use different taxonomies and survey results for identifying differences and similarities in the architectural approaches. It also identifies areas where further research can easily be processed.

In past few years, the evolution of cloud computing can be considered as one of the major advancements in the computing industry. If cloud computing wants to perform to full potential, a clarification of various issues is required to be sorted out both from perspectives of service providers and consumers. Various researches are going on within the technology grounds, but business related issues are required to be sorted out which surrounds the cloud computing services.

You can easily identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the cloud computing industry. Different issues regarding the stakeholders can also be sorted out through cloud computing. Issues in Governmental agencies and with researchers can also be solved with cloud technology. In short, Salesforce is intimately involved in regulating the services of cloud computing in the right manner.

Author Bio: Jenny Richards is a well known blogger who is writing about Salesforce partial data sandbox. In this article, She talks about involvement of Salesforce in cloud computing.

Top 10 Social Media except Facebook capturing the world

By Michael Hayes → Monday, 31 August 2015
Does the end of Google+ signifies that Facebook is the preferred way today’s internet users choose to network on social network? No doubt Facebook is the undisputed king in the space of social networking sites with the largest chunk of the users having an account with Facebook. However, that certainly does not mean that there is no scope for other websites co-existing and giving a tough competition to Facebook.

Networking is a human need. The first chapter of even an amateur psychology class will inform its students that human being is a social animal. The way we need air, water and nutrients to survive, we need social interactions to grow & throve. The social get-togethers, professional meetings, business groups and face to face interactions of tester years has now been replaced by social networking sites in the digital age. Hence a large number of social networking sites are available to fulfil this requirement of today’s internet users.

Let us look at some of the popular social networking sites apart from Facebook.


Twitter is one of the most popular social site, probably very neck to neck with Facebook. Having multitudes of followers who follow ‘Tweets’ of a popular figure has become quite fashionable. Even though the tweet needs to be restricted to 140 characters, writer has an option to share links to videos, audios and other websites which makes it quite exciting.


LinkedIn is probably the only social networking website that is geared towards the professional and business users. The overall outlook is geared towards commercial and professional use. This makes it easy to connect with people and create network for business leads, recruitment and other official purposes.


Instagram is the closest link between a smartphone and social networking site. Clicking a photograph on your phone camera and sharing it on Instagram instantly without any hassle is the biggest pull of this social site and has become quite popular with the younger generation in a very short span of time


This is not a simple post messages social networking site. Tumblr essentially holds the microblogging site for each of its users. Individuals and businesses can then use their own creativity to add content on their own blogs. This site is quite popular as well since it allows the user to build a digital brand. The users can fill their blogs with their point of vies, videos, photos and other content which may help them in personal networking or business related networking.


Pinterest is another social networking website that is extremely popular with the creative people. This is a platform where you can post the creations photographs and write about them. People with similar interest can follow them and leave their comments. It is extremely useful and popular with people interested in Do it yourself projects. A large number of women regularly follow it.


Xing is a platform quite similar to a LinkedIn. It is quite popular in China, especially for recruitment purposes. The larger your network, more job opportunities and leads you are able to generate.


The unique feature of this social networking site is that it allows you to share the photos with your friends and group members but deletes them automatically after a set amount of time. You can share photographs along with added text and art with your group.


This is a Belgian Social networking site. Apart from the standard FaceBook like features of chat, sharing photos and videos and posts, the site also has a lot of online games that can addict anyone. Their target group is youngsters below 25 years of age.


Youtube is another networking site that has become quite popular and powerful. Essentially a site to share videos, it has become almost another search engine like Google to search videos on almost any topic. Viewers can view the video, share them and post their views on the site.


Meetup is another social networking site that is fast catching up. People can join any of the chat groups of similar interest and the site organizes meetup of like-minded people frequently. There are groups for almost every interest you can think of and is quite a lot of fun to interact with people of similar choices.

The above sites reflect the fact that social networking sites have become deeply ingrained in the fabric of our society. However, there is a reason behind the success of the above sites and similar ones while others have failed. The reason that none of these sites is a blind copy of other successful sites like Facebook. Each one of them has unique characteristics to it and have defined their target audience and niche quite well. Hence, they have enlarged the pie of social networking rather than trying to eat into someone else’s share.

About the Author:

Vaishnavi Agrawal loves pursuing excellence through writing and have a passion for technology. She has successfully managed and run personal technology magazines and websites. She currently writes for, a global training company that provides e-learning and professional certification training.  She is based out of Bangalore and has an experience of 5 years in the field of content writing and blogging. Her work has been published on various sites related to Big Data, Business Intelligence, Project Management, Cloud Computing, IT, SAP, Project Management and more.

How Businesses Can Boost Profitability by Moving to the Cloud

By Michael Hayes → Tuesday, 25 August 2015
One of the primary reasons why businesses make a shift to cloud computing is to achieve greater flexibility in accessing data and unshackling themselves from the constraints of owned information technology infrastructure. Business owners and the management are now able to access information, process and manage it from any location in the world as long as they are connected to the Internet with any device; be it a computer, tab, laptop or even a mobile phone. It not only becomes easy to share information and collaborate with others but also users get the advantage of added data security as all the information is now stored on the web and not exposed to the hazards of local storage. In addition to the accessibility and flexibility, businesses can also add significantly to their profitability by shifting to cloud computing.

Less Investment in Computing Infrastructure

Cloud computing is a concept that basically revolves around shared computer infrastructure owned by a third party and accessed over the Internet by paying customers. Because all the computer hardware and software, including the significant backend management processes involved, are outsourced there is no need for the business to invest large amounts in purchasing, owning, and upgrading own technology resources. With the shift to cloud computing, the business owner just needs to subscribe to a rental plan according to the requirements of the business, very much akin to getting utility services. The individual business now need not worry any more on keeping a vigil on the computer resources for efficient performance, security and redundancy. These aspects are all now taken care of by the cloud services provider. The savings due to this can be quite handsome and reflect immediately on the company’s balance sheet.

Computing Power That Is Fully Utilized

Cloud computing is a very good way of achieving optimal use of computing resources due to the inherent advantage of scalability. In the conventional computing scenario, the business has to make allowances to have adequate computing resources available to handle peak loads even though the resources could be idling or being used at a far lesser load the rest of the time. A cloud solutions & strategy can take care of making available extra computing power when required without having to pay for resources that are not needed at other times. A service provider is able to do this since a large number of businesses are sharing the resources and the data center loads can be optimized across different times. Essentially this translates to far more economical operation than with own resources.

Lower Expenditure on Power

As fallout of the economies of scale being enjoyed by each of the businesses enjoying shared resources on the cloud, the total expenses incurred by the cloud platform can be far less than the sum of the individual utility bills. Businesses operating their own data centers will invariably find that they are spending substantially more on power as the servers and other equipment have to be kept running irrespective of the quantum of load of the system.

Lower Cost of Human Resources

One of the biggest cost heads of operating own computing centers is the cost of manpower. Often it can make up more than 50% of the total cost of the data center operation. Good people are also difficult to hire and retain and you have to provide for a number of employment costs besides the salaries. A cloud computing service provider is able to amortize its staffing costs over a number of customers so that on an individual basis the business has to shell out a lot less than if it were operating its own computer resources.

Nil Capital Expenditure

When businesses operate in a cloud computing environment they can do away with most of the capital expenditure incurred on the purchase of computers and other hardware or software. This means that the management does not have to worry about raising the necessary finance from banks or other lenders for the capital expenditure that carries a hefty rate of interest.


The shift to cloud computing enables businesses to harness the exact computing resources that are required and this can be scaled up or down as per the requirements of the business. This scalability translates to a lot of savings when compared to the conventional owned-computer resources. Depending upon the size of the business, the cost of building in the redundancy can be quite prohibitive and can be easily avoided with cloud resources.

Author bio : Jenny Richards works in a leading cloud computing service company mesusolutions. She helps her clients create a professional cloud solutions & strategy.

How to Market Your App on Facebook?

By Michael Hayes → Wednesday, 12 August 2015
With over 1.25 billion mobile monthly active users, according to Statista, Facebook is the most important social network for mobile marketers. And more than half a billion people access Facebook solely from their mobile devices.

If you're looking to promote your app, Facebook offers better targeting and segmenting than any platform that exists today. Moreover, it offers several tools specifically designed for app marketing.

In other words, it's a user acquisition channel that can't be ignored. And while the times of fan pages and 'sharing with friends' are over, the advertising aspect got very exciting.

So, if you're an app developer looking to get started with Facebook marketing, here's a short primer on getting it right.

tips for facebook app marketing

Before You Start, Make Sure Your App is Promotion Ready

Ads cost money. As a startup or an indie app developer, you want to make sure you're investing your money wisely. In other words, you need to make a return on investment. Otherwise, you're likely to fail.

One aspect where most apps screw up is retention or stickiness. Most people (70-80%) delete the app only after they use it once or couple times. Paying to for downloads and not retaining users means you’re blowing your money away.

Thus, before you start any serious marketing efforts, make sure your users stick around. Find the average retention in your category, and use it as a benchmark.

1. Know Your Users

Getting to know who your users are is a critical step for a successful Facebook Ads campaign. There's a wide range of targeting options Facebook offers, and you want to use them. Remember that advertising is about getting users, not cheap clicks.

To start with creating a user persona, a fictional character that best describes the kind of person who uses your app. Start with demographics, such as age, location, gender, device and OS they're using.

What are their interests? That's one of the best Facebook ads targeting options. For example, you can target people interested in your competitors or blogs covering your market.

Then there's precise interest targeting and behavior targeting allowing you to target people by purchase history, intent, and more.

2. Nail the Fundamentals of a Great Ad

Some ads convert others don't. It all depends on many factors such as the image you use, the headline, the ad copy and your call to action.

In general, great ads are simple, concise, they demonstrate value by showing numbers (e.g. “15,000 happy customers”) and inspire action.

Top converting ads tend to show happy people, children or pets. They stand out in color (if you use the same color as Facebook, your ad will blend in) and/or are funny.

The more personal your image is, the more likely you're going to see good results. It has to be relevant, however. Eg if it's a payment app, show some money.

A powerful call to action and show of social proof are hugely important. Give people an incentive to sign up, blow away trust issues by stating the number of happy users, average rating or media mentions.

4. Choose the Right Type of Ads for Your Objectives

Before you create your first campaign, it’s crucial to understand better the different Facebook ad types. Throughout the years, Facebook has adjusted its advertising types to suit the different needs of its users.

For example, multi-product ads are great for e-commerce. Other types are great to build a page following or to generate newsletter signups.

App install ads are great to drive downloads. However, one ad type you should pay attention to are engagement ads to target existing users. Using deep-links you can direct tho to specific locations inside your app, such as a sale, for example.

5. Use Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences

Custom audiences is an extremely powerful targeting feature. Using a list of emails, Facebook user IDs or phone numbers of people you know are interested in your product, you can create a Custom Audience, containing all the people Facebook found using your list.

You can re-target users who visited your website or existing customers based on parameters such as specific job function, annual salary, etc.

Once you have a good Custom Audiences strategy in place, the next logical step is creating lookalike audiences. That means you can find potential users outside your userbase that have the same profile.

6. Test and Optimize

Everyone follows data today - it is difficult to find something new as most assumptions are based on existing data. Make many small, inexpensive tests and try crazy ideas. This way, you can find new things that can result into potentially huge gains.

About the Author:
Mark McDonald is the Co-Founder of Australia's Leading Mobile App Development Company, Appster.

How to display posts belonging to a specific author on wordpress

By Michael Hayes → Wednesday, 5 August 2015
WordPress is packaged with features and functionalities that can easily create a 'wow' factor for your website/blog. You can utilize multiple techniques of growing the visitors' count for your WordPress enriched website/blog. One of the most remarkable features belonging to WordPress is the flexibility of displaying the posts written by a particular author. By making the most of this WordPress feature, it will become quite convenient for you to boost the count of visitors for your WordPress blog. In today's post, I'll be enlightening you about four of the most remarkable methods of displaying the most recent posts written by one of the esteemed authors of the WordPress blogging website. So, let's take a closer look at these techniques that will allow you(the webmaster) to display related posts by an author.

display relevant author posts on wordpress

Method No.1 - The manual technique of adding the recent posts by an author directly into the core WordPress theme files.

It is WordPress' built-in WP_Query class that allows you to add the most recent blog posts by an author into the WordPress theme files. As per the manual approach, all you need  is to simply add the below-mentioned code into the area where you intend to display the latest posts by the author under focus:

// Define our WP Query Parameters
have_posts()) : $the_query -> the_post(); ?>
// Define our WP Query Parameters

<?php $the_query = new WP_Query( 'posts_per_page=6' ); ?>

// Start our WP Query

<?php while ($the_query -> have_posts()) : $the_query -> the_post(); ?>

// Display the Post Title with Hyperlink

<li><a href="<?php the_permalink() ?>"><?php the_title(); ?></a></li>

// Display the Post Excerpt

<li><?php the_excerpt(__('(more…)')); ?></li>

// Repeat the process and reset once it hits the limit






It is important to note that the above code will display five most recent posts, their titles and excerpts. You can find the WP_Query class which includes multiple parameters which would allow you to moderate the display of the recent posts in the preferred format.

Method No.2- Using a suitable shortcode

If you're interested in displaying the most recent posts by an author within a certain WordPress post or page, one of the best techniques to follow is the use of shortcodes. Have a look at the below steps that allow you to display the recent posts by an author using the shortcodes:
Step 1- Download, install and activate the popular WordPress plugin called Display Posts Shortcode. The best thing about this plugin is that it doesn't include any settings and hence you need not configure it.

Step 2- Next, get on with editing the WordPress post or page where you want the recent posts by an author to be displayed

Step 3- Now, add the shortcode i.e. [display-posts] along with parameters into the post which you've chosen to edit as per the step no.2 above. You can find some built-in parameters in the Display Posts Shortcode plugin. These parameters can be easily used with the shortcode. Have a look at some of the parameters that I'm referring to:

1. [display-posts posts_per_page="8" post_type="page" post_parent="7"]

This parameter is used for displaying 7 most recent pages under a particular parent page.

2. [display-posts posts_per_page="4" image_size="thumbnail" include_excerpt="true"]

This is the parameter that allows you to display 4 recent posts along with their thumbnails and excerpts.

[display-posts posts_per_page="4" post_type="page"]

This parameter is used for displaying 4 recent pages instead of the recent posts.

Method No.3 - Utilizing WordPress Recent Posts Widget

WordPress' Recent Posts Widget is a default widget that can be effectively used for displaying the most recent posts by an author. These posts are showcased on the sidebar or a certain widget-ready area. For using this WordPress default widget, just go to your WP admin dashboard and click on Appearance-> Widgets, followed by selecting the addition of Recent Posts widget to the website's sidebar. Here's a screenshot for the right use of the WordPress Recent Posts widget:

On the above screen, you'll be required to provide a suitable title to the custom widget in addition to choosing a date when you want the posts to be displayed and also a count for the posts that you intend to display within the blog or page. After having entered your preferences, clicking on the 'Save' button will save all the settings for the WordPress Recent Posts widget.
That's it for this post!

Wrapping Up
Rendering your visitors an ultimate flexibility of browsing through posts written by a particular author, you can turn successful in retaining their attention on your WordPress blog. Hope my post would have encouraged you to make the most of this WordPress feature efficiently.
Author Biography:
With awesome experience of developing web development applications and frameworks Jack Calder is a specialist PSD to WordPress service provider. He has done a case study on WordPress methods and is being showing the specific concept of displaying posts.